本作品は、複数枚の透過ディスプレイを利用した、立体的なレイヤー表現が可能な映像投影デバイスである。2D 映像に物理的な奥行き方向を付加することで、視点・時間等の情報が付加され、鑑賞者はその映像に物性を見出す。

This is a video projection device that can express three-dimensional layers using multiple transmissive displays. By adding a physical depth direction to a 2D image, information such as viewpoint and time is added, and the viewer finds physical properties in the image.


Ami-no-mori consists of a projector, a PC loaded with a bowl, and a dedicated liquor container, and various sensors are used. Therefore, when the container is placed on the table, when the drink is poured, when it is touched with the hand, the experience changes in each scene, such as when it is finished drinking.
In addition, the liquor vessel itself is designed to make a cup of liquor beautiful and attractive. The vessel with the motif of rattan gives a sacred impression and at the same time projects a large image on the vessel and colors it.



We bought various sizes and types of displays and split them into trial and error productions.

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