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本プロトタイピングでは ワントゥーテンが製作し、無償で提供しているアプリZIG SIMを使用し、人の頭の動きを石像に送信し、石像の頭部に組み込んだサーボモーターを動作させることによって動きのトレースを実現している。

A stone statue that traces the movement of a person's head with a sensor. A work in which an inorganic object called a stone statue moves in the same way as a confronting viewer, causing an eerie feeling, attachment, and what kind of emotions are generated.
In this prototyping, we could achieve the tracing movement by using the free app ZIG SIM produced by 1-10, Inc. to send the movement of a person's head to a stone statue and operating a servomotor built into the stone statue's head.



A lighting system that wirelessly controls a large number of lights from a control PC. LED lighting can be installed at each table in the wedding hall, and lighting can be produced according to the various phases of the ceremony to enhance the sense of unity of the hall.
It supports one-touch control by preset registration, lighting mode selection (normal / fade / cycle) and full-color control, and also can control more than 30 lights at the same time.



Originally, the liquid is formed by the shape of the vessel, but in this work, we attempt to form the liquid by giving it an arbitrarily controlled frequency of vibration from inside the vessel. In other words, it is a sake cup that forms sake, and an attempt to expand the liquid into a medium.
Conventionally, the approach of using light or the like to produce an irregular shape such as a liquid has been used to enhance the special feeling. The purpose of this work is to test whether it is possible to add a sense of life to the liquid itself and empathize with the liquid by moving and modeling the liquid itself.



Tango Chirimen is a silk fabric made by a weaving method that can express a variety of patterns (textures). The exquisite unevenness of the surface and the luster of the silk are impressive, and it is also characterized by its post-dyeing process.
In this installation, the textures of the actual Tango Chirimen are cut out macroscopically. Feeling its beauty on a large screen, the dyeing process is carried out in accordance with the movements of the guests' own body.The experience of dyeing one after another makes it possible to create a unique experience that can only be generated at that time and in that space.Through the colors created by coincidence, visitors will think about the texture and color of “real” Tango Chirimen.Looking at the colors created by coincidence, I thought about the texture and color of real Tango Crape.

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