This work is a new festival that creates a beautiful space that respects water and connects water and people. Water that has been enshrined as a cure for illness, except for impurities. In Shiga Prefecture, which has the largest lake in Japan and has developed various cultures centered on water, we will build an opportunity to remind and reconfirm the value of the water source and its natural use through expression.


The camphor tree, which stands symbolically in the center of Otsuko Yoko Park, is regarded as a god's yorishiro and is expressed by projection mapping. Yorishiro, such as trees and stones, is sanctified by the attachment of the spirits and becomes the subject of festivals, so I think it has a high affinity for this concept. In addition, while the method of projection mapping is often performed on artificial walls and buildings, it is rare to perform it on natural objects such as trees, and it is assumed that it will be a beautiful expression full of life.


戦後の民俗学では、「ケガレ」はケ( 日常) が枯れた状態とし、祭などのハレの儀式でケを回復する( 気を良める、清める)という考え方が示される。昔から垢離( こり) といった禊にも見られるようにケガレを払う行為と水の親和性が非常に高いことはよく知られる。コロナ禍から、少しずつ日常に戻る希望が見出され始めてきた現在、日本一の水瓶を前に水の祝祭を掲げ気を良める場としたい。また、祝祭性という要素は現在のコロナ禍という状態ではより鮮明に見いだされるだろう。

In postwar folklore, "Kegare" is a state in which Ke (daily life) is withered, and the idea of recovering Ke (relieving and purifying) through festivals and other rituals of Halle is shown. It is well known that water has a very high affinity with the act of removing injuries, as seen in Misogi, which has been used for a long time. Now that the hope of returning to everyday life has begun to be found from the corona disaster, I would like to hold a water festival in front of the best water bottle in Japan and make it a place to relax. Also, the element of festiveness will be found more clearly in the current state of corona.


主催 : 大津市/琵琶湖大津観光協会/琵琶湖汽船株式会社
企画運営 : 一般社団法人シガーシガ
演出 : xorium
楽曲 : 小松千倫
環境照明 : Design Office luminosity
映像音響設備: NiR / DrillBros
電気設備 : 田中電気株式会社

Sponsorship : Otsu City / Lake Biwa Otsu Tourism Association / Biwako Kisen Steamship Co.,Ltd.
Planning : Shiga-Shiga, a general incorporated association
Direction : xorium
Music : Kazumichi Komatsu
Environmental Lighting : Design Office luminosity
Imaging, audio equipment : NiR / DrillBros
Electric equipment :Tanaka Electric Co., Ltd.



With the theme of "Let's seriously squeeze on the shores of Lake Biwa." It is a sightseeing event of.
Date: November 27th-November 28th, 2021
Location: Otsu Port, Shiga Prefecture, Symbol Green Area

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