This work is an art that lets you experience the fear of losing your existence, hidden behind an ideal future where everything is optimized. It recognizes and photographs the face of a person standing in front of you, generates an avatar (≒ digital clone) that behaves as if it has a will, using computer graphics, and presents it through a dog-shaped object.


When you meet, your face is instantly traced and displayed. The expression does not speak anything, but blinks or slowly turns the face. Follow your movements with your eyes or just react to your actions.
In addition, digital clones do not have to be projected to humanoid shapes, and can be easily applied to inorganic substances and non-human organisms. In this work, I chose a dog as the animal that humans are most familiar with, and effectively expressed the discomfort and eerieness that I was projected on "another non-human creature."


一方で、AI の進化は隆盛を極めてきており、問い合わせ業務のチャットボット化や電話応答の自動化など日常生活に広く普及しはじめている。人々が思っているよりもかなり早く、電話や画面越しの相手が人間であるか、 AI であるかは判別できなくなる。加えて、VR デバイスやテクノロジー、サービスの加速度的な進展によって、我々は移動コストをはじめとする物理的な制約から解き放たれつつある。近い将来、virtual と real の境界は曖昧になり、VR 空間ではリアルアバターを身に纏い仕事にレジャーに勤しむことになる。
リアルアバターはデジタルデータの性質上、無限にコピーすることが可能だ。個人個人の性質を学習したAIを自分のリアルアバターのコピーにインストールし、ゲーム世界を構成する NPC (Non Player Character)のように、VR空間内の様々な仕事・役割を担わせていくことは想像に難くない。言うまでもなく、AI が投影されたリアルアバターのコピーとは、実世界におけるクローンと限りなく近いものであると考えられる。

Clone as a physical organism is being researched all over the world, but the creation of human clones will be in the distant future due to various problems.
On the other hand, the evolution of AI has become extremely prosperous, and it has begun to spread widely in daily life, such as chatbots for inquiries and automation of telephone responses. Much faster than people think, it's hard to tell if someone on the phone or over the screen is a human or an AI. In addition, the accelerating evolution of VR devices, technologies and services is freeing us from physical constraints such as travel costs. In the near future, the boundary between virtual and real will be blurred, and in VR space, you will wear a real avatar and work for leisure.
Due to the nature of digital data, real avatars can be copied indefinitely. Install AI that learns the nature of each individual on a copy of your real avatar, and let them take on various tasks and roles in the VR space like her NPC (Non Player Character) that composes the game world. It's not hard to imagine. Needless to say, an AI-projected copy of a real avatar is considered to be as close as possible to a clone in the real world.


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