The unique feature of PANECO is that it does not require detailed sorting of materials during its molding process.
This special PANECO was produced by taking advantage of that trait by mixing discarded clothing with unsold flowers that were to be discarded. The mixture includes leaves, flowers, and seeds.
Using that special PANECO, a 1/6.4 million scale model of the earth was produced. In between the discarded clothing covering its surface, nature remains faintly visible.
Will the earth be able to regain its abundant nature in the future, or will even the faintest breath of the natural environment be lost?
We used AR technology to envision a world where PANECO is in widespread use.
The goal is to restore the earth to its rich natural state by reducing the environmental burden of human activity through the use of PANECO.


*現地にて撮影班として撮影させていただいておりましたが、映られている方でシーンカットをご希望の方は contact[at]xorium.jp までご連絡ください。

The experience begins by scanning the QR code on the wall and activating the XR app "STYLY". It depicts discarded clothing falling from the sky, being pulverized and transformed into PANECO. Also, by walking through the space, participants can experience flowers blooming around them. It also contains the message that the environment will improve by getting closer to PANECO.

*We were filmed as part of the filming team at the site, but if you would like a scene cut from the film, please contact us at contact[at]xorium.jp.


Material:PANECO with flower waste

Design:the design labo inc.

Milano Design Week 2022

ミラノ市内で開催される、世界最大規模の国際家具見本市「ミラノサローネ(Salone del Mobile.Milano)」と、同時期に開催される「フォーリサローネ(Fuorisalone)」をあわせた総称。
開催場所:Amy-d Arte Spazio(ブレラ地区)

A general term that combines the world's largest international furniture trade fair "Salone del Mobile.Milano" held in Milan city and "Fuorisalone" held at the same time.
Dates: June 7-12, 2022
Venue: Amy-d Arte Spazio (Brera district)

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