Mixed ARで世界の裏側を視る

全てがデジタル化されていく今日、目の前の景色でさえもリアルタイムに収集された裏側の世界が同時に存在する。普段は目にすることの無いその世界を視たとしたら、我々は "現実" に何を見出すのか。

Watch the other side of the world with "Mixed AR"

Today, everything is digitalized, and even the scenery in front of our eyes is scanned in real time, and the world on the other side exists simultaneously.What would we find in "reality" if we were to see that world, which we don't usually see?
In this work, you can experience it using VR goggles for smartphones with camera.In your left eye, there is an image of the real world,in your right eye, the world on the other side of the world is projected in the blue space.They are superimposed and perceived in the brain from the retina onwards.We can see both sides of the world through the camera, and the world behind it.By observing at the same time, we may be able to have a new perspective.



With the development of technology, digital twins that build a copy of the real world in the virtual world are becoming a reality.There was a vague image that if there was a digital world that reflected the real world, it would probably be a world with a quiet blue space without sound.Also, if all the sensing data make up the world, I can imagine the scene where our data collected minutes or years ago continues to be quietly reproduced.

In this work, VR goggles for smartphones compatible with cameras project images of different worlds with the left and right eyes, and superimpose and recognize them in the brain through the retina. This is similar to the feeling of performing two-dimensional stereoscopic viewing with VR goggles.Through the experience of this work, I want you to feel the phenomenon that "it is invisible but certainly exists here".By observing both the reality through the camera and the world behind it at the same time, we may be able to have a new perspective.


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