See the world from the shadow

This work is a virtual space that evokes the memory that exists in the unconscious by experiencing the perception of existence other than itself through "shadow" from the intangible world.
In the virtual space, there is only the ground and the shadow projected from something on it. However, from the visible information of the "shadow", we can imagine invisible information such as the shape of the building, the gender and age of the pedestrian. By wandering around in the space and repeating it, an invisible city is formed in my head. The city is nothing more than an imagination based on my own experience.

Through such a process, I want you to enjoy the dialogue with the memory that exists in your unconscious. When you get out of this virtual space, the shadows of the real space will look dark.


I made it a world view that aroused a little fear of not knowing what was there. The day is rotated to 3 minutes and 30 seconds so that the change in shadows can be easily understood, but the humans, animals, and vehicles that appear are made to appear at normal speed, creating a sense of discomfort and leading to an eerie feeling. There will be a total of eight humans, four animals, and eight vehicles.


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