Objects with no mass that is ephemeral

If I continue to look at the real world through the screen, and then look at the real world without looking through the screen, I sometimes come back to myself and say, "Oh, so it's virtual.
This work rediscovers the boundary between the real and virtual through the experience of touching an object in augmented reality, in which objects that should have been there disappear when touched.
There is a trend in the world of imitating real-world expressions in augmented reality, and the boundary between the real and virtual is dissolving. On the other hand, I feel the ephemeral nature of augmented reality, which is expressed mainly through the visual and auditory senses, as experienced on smartphones, in which there is no substance, no matter how far you go.I expressed the fragility with a fluff motif.


There is something in front of me, but when I look at it without going through my smartphone, it disappears. I wanted to do that feeling of relief through my smartphone. In order to strengthen that sensation, we introduced the contradictory experience of being an extension of the body but having no reality, which disappears when touched. For the motif, we selected vending machines, road signs, mailboxes, color cones, etc. that are commonplace in Japan so that they can be blended into everyday life.


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