現実環境を拡張するにあたり、我々日本人が古くから信じる“八百万の神” を具象化したいと考えた。中でも、自然物には生物も無生物も精霊(チ)が宿ると信じられており、その勢いがすごい様を「千早振る」という。

Yao Yorozu embodied in AR

"Yao Yorozu" embodied in AR. In expanding the real environment, I wanted to embody the old Japanese belief in "Yao Yorozu no Kami". Among other things, it is believed that natural objects, both inanimate and inanimate, are inhabited by spirits. And the appearance of this incredible power is called "CHIHAYABURU". In this work, I put the QR code on the wall and the ground, which are the major elements that make up the space, to express the overflow of spirits from the medium through which they dwell, and to release them with music.


The marker for the appearance of AR is a paper shide motif. It implies the boundary that the pasted place is a sacred place. In addition, since the expression that overflows is embodied through the screen, various primitive objects such as voxels are used.


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